Bedside Nursing Procedures Video Collection

Bedside Nursing Procedures Video Collection
Item# BA-5054

Product Description

These ten videos are most useful as initial and supplemental training for Nursing Students, Army Medics, Navy Hospital Corpsmen, and EMS Providers.

This video collection shows practical, how-to-do-it skills, essential to these healthcare providers.

Included on this DVD are:

--Insert and Remove a Nasogastric Tube (12:42 1993)

--Eye Treatments (8:42 1994)

--Assist a Casualty during a Seizure/Convulsion (6:14 1995)

--Intramuscular Injection (1:23 2000)

--Subcutaneous Injection (1:19 2000)

--Urine Screening with Dipstick (1:25 2000)

--Drawing Blood (1:57 2004)

--Starting an IV (0:55 2004)

--Urethral Catheterization (0:54 2004)

--Personal Protective Equipment (12:14 2004)

The DVD is playable on most computers with DVD capability, and on set-top DVD players manufactured within the last few years.